Friday, June 29, 2007

New House Plans

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Woohoo, we've finalized the house plans as far as layout and elevations, and my friend the kitchen designer is working on the plans for our kitchen. Those should be done in a few weeks, and I'm totally stoked. She's already made some great suggestions, and I'm really looking forward to see what she comes up with. When I was in Denver a few weeks ago, I visited her company's office and selected the cabinet style and color, and I think they're going to look wonderful. Hopefully the estimate for them won't completely blow our budget out of the water, but I think cabinets are one of those things you really do pay for what you get. Hopefully we can make it work. We'll see!

We're going to use stone instead of the brick at the base of the house (and probably bring the stone up a little higher than the image depicts). The top part of the house will be stucco, and the beams for the columns and rafter tails will be stained cedar. The front porch roof will be done in standing-seam metal to add a contemporary touch to the house. I can't wait to start construction, so I'm just dying to sell the other house. It's just about finished and we're doing an open house in a week, so fingers crossed it will be off the market soon. We're hoping it sells in 60 days so we can start in September (when our builder has availability to start his next project).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I just got an email with a preliminary bid for the new house. That bid did not include the ridiculous amount of money we spent on just the land (it was a "steal" for the area, but still absurd considering we could have bought a 3-br home in the burbs for the cost of a little 50x132 patch of dirt).

I feel faint. J is probably comatose on the grounds somewhere.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New plans

J and I decided to go a different direction with the Columbia house (the one we plan to live in), so I met with Steven about a week ago to tell him what we wanted.

I just got PDF's of the initial new set of plans and have only given them a cursory review, but Steven has definitely come through. His first draft is great as far as the floor plan (I don't see any major changes off the bat), and the front elevation is looking really good (Steven indicated that he was still tweaking that).

Yay for progress!