Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another day in the life of Vy & Jim building a house

The builders are working on the foundation and should be starting the framing soon. We're still on schedule for moving in by Thanksgiving. Steven thinks we'll be in sooner, but I would be surprised if that happens. We've had our typical luck in building in that we were delayed over a month because of rain (the ground was too wet to drill the piers). I suppose that's better than our house on 24th. On that house, we initially broke ground in September and did not finish the foundation until the following January! It pretty much rained continuously from September until January, and we probably used 20 tons of lime trying to dry out the ground. Then as a final blow from the water gods, as we were halfway done drilling the piers, the City of Houston crew that was redoing the street broke a water main that flooded our lot.

So all in all, a month delay due to rain I can deal with. Oh! We did also lose a day to our building site being a CRIME SCENE. As the builders were clearing the lot for the garage, they unearthed a child's blanket filled with small bones. Steven called HPD, and the homicide unit showed up. They taped off the site and no work was allowed to be done. They couldn't determine what kind of bones had been found, so they called the county medical examiner out. He couldn't identify the bones, either, but a closer inspection of the site revealed…. a dog collar. Steven was cleared to proceed.

So moral of the story is that if you commit a murder in Houston, just throw a dog collar in with the remains ;) Of course if I thought for a second they could actually be human remains I would refuse to build there.