Sunday, May 18, 2008

Choices, choices

We're at the point now where we (I) have to start making decisions on fixtures and appliances. I have a love/hate relationship with this part of the building process. I love picking out things, but then I get very frustrated and depressed once I tally up the numbers and realize I'm 200% over budget. Seriously, I don't TRY to pick out the most ridiculously overpriced items!

So far, the following are definites for appliances:

  • Thermador 48" Stainless Steel Side By Side Refrigerator w/Professional Handles

  • Viking 36" wide Professional Premiere rangetop w/six burners

  • Viking 30" Professional Premiere Built-in Electric Double Oven

  • Undecided: dishwasher, icemaker, rangetop vent hood, coffee bar mini-fridge

For plumbing fixtures:

  • Children's bathrooms - Kohler Pinstripe suite

  • Master bathroom - Kohler Purist suite

  • Guest bathroom - Danze Parma suite

  • Undecided: kitchen , powder room

I fell in love with the Pinstripe cross-handled faucet for the children's bathrooms. They were more than I wanted to spend for bathrooms no one will ever see, but the minute I saw them I knew I wouldn't be happy with anything else. I tried looking for alternatives, but at the end of the day the extra money wasn't worth my happiness, LOL. J refers to this as the "Vy Ho" compromise --I get my way.....or I get my way... I can't help it, though! Finish out details such as fixtures and hardware are like shoes to me - they complete a look and the wrong fixture can ruin the whole outfit. It's funny, I can "get over" bigger compromises such as layout, but I'll seriously fixate and lose sleep over the "right" door pull. Speaking of which, I better start looking at those since I only have four more months to decide....