Sunday, June 08, 2008

Still undecided

I put up samples of Bunglehouse Gray (left) and Balanced Beige (right) up side by side, and I'm still undecided. On the one hand, I still like Balanced Beige, and it's definitely a safe color to go with - it'll look good with our other colors, and it's so neutral there's nothing objectionable about it (although it could be argued that being too neutral is objectionable). On the other hand, the Bunglehouse Gray would make the house more Greene and Greene-like. The Gamble House is one of the inspirations for this home, and I think the Bunglehouse Gray gives it more of that feel.

I've got a day or two to sleep on it, but I'm leaning towards the Bunglehouse Gray. But I do like that Balanced Beige... Arggh!


Maverick's Momma said...

I like bunglehouse gray. They're both fine, but in the photos at least, the left pops more with the cedar.

The Khanh is Dead. said...

Okay....I see no side by side, just one color above the other. That being said, while I prefer the coolness of the bottom shade, I see you opting for the top shade. It's much warmer, which I see you leaning towards anyway and this will tone done the "red" of the cedar planks, but won't keep them from being noticed.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

not sure if you still read comments from this blog...but I would love to see an exterior picture of your house. I am leaning towards using bunglehouse gray on our remodel and would like to see it on a house. thanks!