Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kids' Bath

I had decided to go with the Kohler Pinstripe suite for the children's bathroom (a Jack-n-Jill configuration), but I recently took another look at Kohler's redesigned Margaux line.

I have to say, it's a much sexier faucet, and I would personally use it in my own bathroom over the Pinstripe. So... once again I'm tempted to change my mind, and now's the time to do it. I'm going with a retro look in the children's bath, with white subway tiles on the walls, black/white hex tiles on the floors, and marble countertops. The Pinstripe suite is a perfect fit for this look, but the Margaux suite is so... pretty. There's not a huge difference looking at them online, but when I compared them side by side in the showroom, I much prefer the look of the Margaux look even though it's not as traditional. I am doing traditional with a modern twist on the rest of the house, so I design-wise I could get away with it. I also like the higher neck on the Margaux faucet. The other compelling factor on the Margaux line is 1/3rd the cost of the Pinstripe. Really, at the end of the day, it's the kids' bath, so do I really need to spend the extra money on the Pinstripe line? I think I'm talking myself into the Margaux, aren't I?

Pinstripe Faucet

Margaux Faucet

Pinstripe Shower/Bath

Margaux Shower/Bath

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Maverick's Momma said...

i love the margaux faucet