Thursday, August 28, 2008

Master Bath

I'm going for a calming, Zen/spa feel in the master bath and am working on finalizing the details. I have the fixtures, cabinets, and flooring selected, but I still have to decide on the countertops. We're using 18x18 travertine on the floor (same travertine we used on 22nd Street, see image below), and I'm looking for a countertop that complements that as well as the cabinetry I've chose (Merit Whistler Cabinets in Carriage Black).

I was thinking about limestone, but when I went to look at the limestone slabs, two other options caught my eye: Crema Marfil marble and Bianco Romano granite. I like the Crema Marfil because it has the same look as limestone but is more polished; it definitely goes with the travertine while acting as a counterpoint to the dark wood cabinets. On the other hand, the Bianco Romano granite has some really interesting grey veining which I think adds some interest. Normally I'm not a big fan of granite in bathrooms (I use them in our spec homes because buyers tend to get excited over granite, but in my personal home I prefer not to use it.) This particular slab seems to fit for this installation, though. Interestingly, Bianco Romano is usually very grey, but they had a random unusual lot that is more creamy in color. The one downside is that it's $425 more expensive than the marble. The old Vy would have said, "what the heck, it's just $425 in the grand scheme of things," but I've said that so many times in picking out appliances, lights, and bath fixtures that I'm starting to feel the need to compromise. We only plan to be in this house for five years, so I don't feel as compelled to spend the extra money if I don't HAVE to (i.e., it'll keep me up at night if I don't use the "perfect xyz".)

They're holding a slab of the Bianco Romano for 30 days, and Crema Marfil can be found anytime, so I have some time to decide...

Kohler Chord Wading Pool Sink with Purist Lavatory Faucet

Merit Cabinets in Carriage Black

Travertine that will be used for flooring (image from 22nd St. project)

Crema Marfil Marble (I'll select a slab that leans more yellow/cream rather than rose)

Bianco Romano Granite (Slab is more cream colored in person)


Maria said...

I think I actually prefer the marble, but both are nice. I envy that you have so many options where you are! Another negative of being so far from a big city!!

mom2reese said...

I decided on the Crema Marfil marble - thanks!