Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kitchen Faucets

Jim and I went to look at kitchen appliances and the remaining fixtures for our kitchen. For once, Jim picked out something that even *I* thought was too much to spend - the Waterstone Towson Gantry faucet, which runs about $1350 for the satin finish. They make a contemporary version that I prefer, but Jim likes the Towson version for its "Dr. Seussness". I think it's too much over budget, but Jim wants to still consider it. Folks, the world has turned upside down!

When we got home, I showed him a faucet I had seen online a few months ago, the Kohler Karbon Articulating Faucet. It has the modern lines we're looking for, and it's about the price I had planned on. My only concern is that I like having a pull-out sprayer, but it looks like the articulating joints allow me to get similar functionality to a pull-out sprayer. I'm going to see if I can find a store that has it on display so we can try it out. The videos on this page provide good demonstrations of it in use, particularly the 6th video down (Karbon Faucet 02:24).

I also need to find a pot filler. The one I've seen online that I like best is the Danze Melrose, and it's actually also the cheapest one out there (see?! the world HAS turned upside-down!) The only thing I don't like is that the stainless steel on Danze faucets is weird. It's not really metal, just metal-like. It's hard to describe - but it's the typical finish of the Moen, etc. fixtures you can get at Home Depot. I'm trying to decide if I can live with that since it is on the back wall. I love the style, and I haven't found any other pot filler style I like that wasn't $700+, definitely more than I want to spend on a pot filler.

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