Friday, August 01, 2008


I've been looking for a special chandelier for our foyer, which opens to the second story. Chandeliers in the size we need are shockingly expensive (I shouldn't be surprised at this point, but it still amazes me how much lights can cost. They just *shouldn't* cost that much, LOL). We were hoping to find something we liked that was in the $2K range. I also wanted to find a contemporary light, so that further narrowed our options.

After going to several lighting stores and poring through catalogs, I think I've found our light - it's the Crescendo Light by Tech Lighting. I haven't actually seen it in person, but from the pictures and description, I think it's the one: The Tech Lighting Crescendo Chandelier captivates with its melodic symphony of light, balance, and soaring form. The Crescendo Chandelier features suspended, free-floating arms, each tipped on both ends with low-voltage light sources and paper shades.

I like that while the scale is large (we're looking at the 4'x8' size), it still has a light/airy feeling. I also love the fact that the arms are free floating so it has a sculptural, mobile quality to it.

For the kitchen island, I'm using the Ribbon Light made by PLC. It's the same island light I used in 24th, and I loved that light. I was sorry to leave it, so I'm glad I'm able to use it again.

There's one last "feature" light that I need to decide on - the dining room lights. The remaining lights in the house will be ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and vanity lighting. While I want those to be nice, those aren't lights anyone is going to focus on. At one light shop, we saw a great display of LBL Bling Pendants hung at various lengths on a spiral monorail. I wish I had gotten a picture of it because it really looked spectacular.

I'm also considering the Veneto Grande Chandelier, also by LBL Lighting,with the Amber glass bowl. I'd get it in the Satin Chrome finish to match the rest of the fixtures, but I like the warmth of the glass bowl which would go better with our dining room furniture (currently an Asian-style table and chairs and an antique Chinese armoire used as a hutch).

So, after I purchase these lights, I'll have about 63 cents left for the rest of the house, sigh...

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Maverick's Momma said...

love the bling light, fwiw.

I also love your choice of that tech light for the entry. I actually had the smaller version of that, as one of the lights I had tagged to show you for the kitchen island, LOL.