Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kodiak - I guess it was just meant to be...

I decided on the Amarillo Gold granite, but I was concerned because the slabs I had on hold were the last two slabs in the lot (i.e., no room for mistakes by the fabricators). I called Arizona Tile to see if Amarillo Gold is easy to source, and I was quite pleased to hear they had gotten a brand new lot. I scheduled an appointment for today, eager to select my new slabs.

When I arrived, I was amazed at how different the new lot of Amarillo Gold was from the previous lot; it looked like a completely different granite. It was much too dark, and there was quite a bit of orange. I actually like the orange/rust areas, but it's not the right look for this kitchen (and not to much that I could hear Rachele in my head saying that the granite looked "pee-stained", lol).

All was not lost, however. Coincidentally, they had pulled three slabs of Kodiak right next to the Amarillo Gold for another client. I mentioned to the salesperson helping me that I really liked those slabs, and they looked better than the Kodiak slabs I had on hold. He said the client was a no-show, so I was welcome to them. They're actually slabs from the same lot as mine, but they have a little less peach in them. My previous slabs were slabs 1 & 2, and the new slabs were 4, 5, and 6. I selected 4 & 6 as the ones I wanted hold. You generally want to pick adjacent slabs as they're mirrors of each other and theoretically are the closest match within a lot. However, slabs 4 & 6 were the lightest of the three slabs. You can't tell from the picture below, but you can tell a difference in person. The salesperson confirmed this, so I wasn't just being my crazy/OCD self. He said for these particular slabs and for my installation, it wouldn't be problematic for me to skip a slab in a series.

I feel pretty good about my selection. I think they match beautifully with the tile, and it gives me some peace of mind knowing that there are 14 slabs left in the same lot in case there's a problem during fabrication. One more decision down!

New samples of Amarillo Gold - see how different they are from the last lot I saw?

New slabs of Kodiak (click on picture for larger view)
Slab #6 (I chose #4 and #6)

Closeup with tile


Maverick's Momma said...

Oh thank goodness -- I saw the first picture before I read the caption and my heart sank. When I read the caption I was so relieved LOL.

The kodiak slabs are AWESOME!!! Seriously. The best yet.

Maria said...

That worked out really well!! This is exactly what we experienced, that made us decide not to decide until we were ready to choose/cut the slabs!

I love this, definitely the best by far. Love your lighting choices too. They really fit in with your modern look without being over the top.