Sunday, December 21, 2008


My kitchen is still in progress - it's been a huge cluster with the oven unit and it basically needs to be redone. The crown moulding is not installed, the doors need to be replaced because the stain is too dark, the cover that surrounds the double oven needs to be replaced (for the THIRD time), and the door on one of the ovens needs to be replaced.

In addition, the flooring people installed shoe moulding all around my toe kicks when I specifically told the builder not to, so when it was removed, there was damage to the floors and the toe kicks. Some of the toe kicks are being replaced and the flooring will be patched. My builder has already agreed to pay the $1100 bill if we need Kiva to install new trim if the patching doesn't work, but I think it'll look fine.

And of course, my really cool light fixture that goes over the island is on back order. Story of my life.

Anyhoo, enough whining. My designer asked me to take some in progress pictures for her portfolio, so I took the following pics. Even with the things that are unfinished/wrong, I LOVE the kitchen. It is, if I do say so myself, gorgeous and exactly what I had in mind. Moreover, it's completely functional. I have more storage than I know what to do with, and it's been great to eat with my family (including my sisters/parents when they've come over) at the island. I've even cooked a few times, LOL. Granted, I've just done spaghetti (twice), but I got to use my cool pot filler. I'm sitting at the island right now, actually. The kitchen opens up into the family room, and I can be with the family and watch tv while working in the kitchen.

Thanks, Rachele!

Double click on image for larger view:
Kitchen - February 9, 2009


Megan said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous, Vy! You've got excellent taste. And your designer seems to be not too shabby. ;) Congratulations!

Maria said...

It looks incredible! Our kitchen is well under way and I have been blessing Rachele as well, every time I walk into it! I still need to find a really, really nice gift to send you two!

mom2reese said...

Thanks! Rachele deserves the credit for how happy I am with it. She is a great designer!